Stonehenge Apocalypse Behind The Scenes Quotes - Torri Squee!!
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Stonehenge Apocalypse Behind The Scenes Quotes
Just watched the behind the scenes of Stonehenge Apocalypse, even though it's corny I had to buy it for my Torri and Misha in it. Here's some of my fave quotes from it:

"Well, she's hot. So that's half the battle right there." David Lewis on co-star Torri Higginson

"It was good working with Torri, I like Torri. Um, you know our...our...we-we're sharing a trailer. There's a wall between our rooms and so I could hear everything that she was doing. And she's--she's complete---completely, I mean she is completely....insane." - Misha on co-star Torri Higginson

"Sadly, Jacob is played by Misha, ah so that's really tough. Yeah he's abit of a primadonna. We don't have eye contact, we've made sure we don't have eye contact with each other. And that sort of helps us not um you know lose focus about the scene. Pretty much, though he's adorable. No cut that out, that was not adorable. Cut that bit out." Torri on co-star Misha Collins

"He hasn't seemed yet to get really visibly pissed off. So I'm looking for that button. I'm trying to figure out how to infuriate Paul Ziller." - Misha on Director Paul Ziller.

"He's just created this really lovely energy on set. Which is important because yeah people can get really stressed out and tired and really we're making a movie not saving babies. So it should be fun." Torri on Director Paul Ziller

"People should watch this film so that they know how to um save the world from a apocalypse. If it is centered around Stonehenge, which is a very likely possibilty um and is something I think everyone should be prepared for. It's sort of an instructional video more then anything." Misha on why people should watch Stonehenge Apocalypse

I also find it awesome that Torri says the director directed her favorite episode of Stargate Atlantis in the past, The Real World.

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