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Torri Squee!!

Bugger me

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Torri Squee
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Torri_Squee @ Livejournal.com
Welcome to torri_squee
A place to feel the Squee and be fangirly about Torri Higginson!


* Did we mention we like Torri?

* The mods of this community are also Shep/Weir shippers, so a lot of our posts will be Ship (as well as Torri) oriented!

*Your friendly mods are vicki595 and smishpixie.

* Please feel free to jump in and post whenever you like about anything Torri related... If it goes quiet, the mods tend to jump in and post as often (and as randomly) as possible, so don't be afraid to post your own views/art work/icons/squeeees!

*The only thing we don't accept is fan fic. That's because there are plenty of other comunities out there that do...plus we're just contrary like that *bg*

torri_squee is love

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